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I’ve been a designer, a developer, a pirate, a poet, a pawn & a king. I’ve been up & down & over & out but I know one thing… Magento.

Each time, I find myself, flat on this face, I pick myself up & get back in the race!

Rebecca Troth back in the race

That’s life. 😉

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I’m a Channel Manager at Ingenico ePayments. Want to know more about Ingenico or working with me? Message me!

Magento has been a big part of my life since 2013. Before then I had never heard of Magento, I had been working as a Web Designer at a large printing company when I made the move to become a Developer for a web agency specializing in Magento integrations, so I pretty much threw myself into the deep end! But I thrive off a challenge and, to be honest, Magento and I got on like a house on fire from day one.

Yes, Magento is a beast and should never be underestimated, but a bit of patience and a want to learn goes a long way to making a beautiful eCommerce Platform/User relationship! There’s a Beauty & The Beast link in there somewhere 😛

I run a Magento YouTube channel in my spare time, I try my hardest to contribute to the community forums when I can and my natural habitat is twitter (@RebeccaLTroth)

The best way to get to know me is probably to take a look…


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