Commerce Hero Custom Header Image Template

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So Kalen Jordan has been adding new features to Commerce Hero like there is no tomorrow and so far I have LOVED them all!

One of the latest features he’s added is Custom Profile CSS¬†(I believe this was spurred on by Max Pronko wanting to make a few design changes to his profile page) and it’s awesome!! I have been having a play and updating the Services CSS on my profile, what do you think?

Anyway! Whilst I was looking at my profile I realised I should probably update my header image too, but like many profile header images it needed to work on many different screen sizes and so I created a very rough template so I could see where I could and couldn’t put things! And here it is:

I just did mobile & desktop as I didn’t want to do anything too complex and just wanted it to work roughly on everything, but especially¬†mobile & desktop. You can see this template at work on my Commerce Hero Profile:¬†

You can download the template PSD here:

Commerce Hero Custom Header Image Template PSD

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